A well known leadership axiom is “everything rises and falls on leadership.” Leadership is an incredible privilege and an even greater responsibility.

If you find yourself in a leadership role, whether it comes with a salary and formal title such as director, manager, pastor or an informal title, mum, dad, brother, sister you have a responsibility to lead and to lead well.

Leaders have an opportunity to create or destroy.
Their influence can be used to build up or tear down.

My dream which is shared by many others is to see leaders in whatever sphere of influence they are in, create environments, experiences and futures that result in as many people as possible fulfilling their potential.

A great leader once said “you are happier when you give than when you receive,” Leaders Create Futures is an attempt to be generous, giving away the best of what I have and know so that others may be encouraged on their leadership journey.

I read a lot of books, listen to a lot of great content and have the privilege of spending time with a ton of amazing leaders – most of my content will come from reflecting on this.

I know you are busy so I will attempt to keep each post short but with a specific challenge to go and put into practice. I have found the best way to really understand leadership principles is to give it a try with those you are leading.

I will also link videos and podcasts because if you are like me you will enjoy that more.

I hope you enjoy the content, if you do, pass it on.



A little about me:

I am married to Rebekah, I have a 3 year old son called Jude. I love talking about all things leadership & discipleship. I am part of the staff team at thisiscfc.com