The Limitations Of Control


Do you like to be in complete control?

Do you like to hold onto the key information because it makes you feel more secure?

Do you have a tendency to shape meetings and projects so that every last detail has to be signed off by you?

If you do you may think you are doing what’s best because you think you can best control the outcome but can I encourage you to see things differently?

The problem is, when we try to control everything, everything eventually begins controlling us.

Believe me – I have made this mistake and had to learn this the hard way…

The information we withhold because it makes us feel stronger becomes a communication breakdown that makes the organisation weaker.

The decisions we don’t allow others to make are not as well thought through and we have to act impulsively.

The meetings we try to lead become less like a team planning session and more like a classroom lesson.

The people we are trying to develop become less likely to think for themselves and never really learn how to lead.

Craig Groeschel said is so well;

“If you delegate tasks, you produce followers. If you delegate authority you produce leaders.

When you try to control everything you become the bottleneck of the team, organisation or business.

If you must control anything, control the values within which you want your team to operate, state the rules of play and what the win is and let people lead.

Set the culture, protect the culture but let go of the limitations of control.

By Jamie Robinson:


Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 16.43.17


One thought on “The Limitations Of Control

  1. I’ve just read your post and totally agree. As leaders we need to move beyond the desire to have every decision signed off by us. Effective leadership delegates but never abdicates.


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