Dealing with negativity

As a leader you will regularly encounter negative people. Life happens and circumstances and experiences shape people to view life through distorted lenses.

Someone may come to mind as you read this – a cynic, a doubter, a no can do thinker.

I can almost guarantee you it is not completely their fault that they are seeing life the way they are.

So how do you respond to negative people, specifically those you are trying to lead?

With compassion – put yourself in their shoes, what has been their past experience that is making them live with these lenses?

With courage – don’t shy away from challenging negative attitudes, especially when they are damaging other people or the organisation

With celebration – help the person celebrate what warrants celebration around them. Maybe they need to step back from their circumstance and see beyond the grey clouds there is a bit of blue sky and it is ok to dream again.

With conviction – help the person understand that a negative mindset can not be part of your relationship or the culture you are trying to develop.

Negativity is a drain on energy, people and potential, do not allow the loud voice of the few dampen the dreams of the many.

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