Migrant Crisis: Leaders – Take the lead

The migrant crisis going on across Europe right now is hellish. 

Going online and being confronted with images of a lifeless toddler lying on the beach should move something deep in the heart of every human. 

Leaders – take the lead. 

The world is finally awakening (I include myself in this) to the tragedy and horrific injustice going on right now on our door step. For the most part many do not know how to respond. The task seems too big. The cause too great. 

Leaders with a big heart, a big vision and big influence have the potential to make a significant impact in this crisis. 

Leaders it’s your time to step into action. Use your skill and influence for what really matters. 

Think, dream, plan, strategise, act, exhort, inspire, challenge whatever it is you need to do to leverage your influence with those you lead to make a difference in a time of desperate need. 

A few steps to consider:

1. Gather your team and consider what would be a creative response to this crisis. 

What do we want people to know about this crisis?

What do we want people to do about this crisis?

2. Share this article below via social media that gives lots of options to donate/petition/act. 

5 practical ways you can help refugees trying to find safety in Europe

3. Encourage people to get involved locally (Northern Ireland):

Belfast drop off point for items for displaced in Calais at SixteenSouth 

4. Sign a petition be part of creating a culture in our communities that are welcoming of others and of difference 

Sign petition here

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