Challenge: Finish The Race

The real win for a leader is finishing the race. Yet how many times do we live like we are trying to win a race.

We treat our leadership or ministry role as a short sprint rather than the marathon that it actually is.

We can fall into the temptation of being competive or comparing ourselves to others. We live like we are in a race to be the best, build the biggest to reach the farthest.

We cannot sustain our lives at the pace of a sprint forever. We need to slow down and get into a rhythm of working hard and resting regularly that will fuel us for the long haul.

It is vital to get into the discipline of rest and relaxation, filling up our tanks with things in life that we really enjoy.

What do you do intentionally on a regular basis to fill up your tank?

Do you cycle?
Do you fish?
Do you paint?
Do you play golf?
Do you listen to good music?

What is it that fills your tank? 

When we get the rhythm of rest out of sync, our whole life suffers. Our family life, our social life, our work life, our spiritual life everything is affected by our rhythms of work and rest.

So are you in leadership for the long run? Or are you content to win a sprint and enjoy a short lived moment of glory?

If you are in it for the long run can I encourage you to seriously consider your regular resting & replenishment patterns.

Take a moment and write down:





Beside or under each write at least one thing that you will do that will refill your tank in each of those timescales.

Don’t allow competition or guilt stop you from engaging in healthy rhythms of rest. You will flourish as a leader if you keep filling and refilling your tank.

Stop trying to be the best, or to build the biggest or reach the farthest burning yourself out for a brief moment of glory. 

Instead live and lead like you are running long distance. Regularly filling yourself up and pouring yourself into the lives of others again and again. That’s the real win. 

Finish the race.

For a lot more (18 mins) on this subject watch: Bill Hybels – The Replenishment Bucket.  

2 thoughts on “Challenge: Finish The Race

  1. Sprints are run on groomed tracks, marathons are run on the open road! Our lives, our leadership, our mission is definitely lived in the open road with all the undulations if th open road! Building resilience factors is so important to ensure we can dip into it on those “dipping” days… Great word J!

    Keep thinking – keep writing!


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