Tip: Name your values

One of the causes of friction in a organisation is a clash of values. When a set of agreed upon values are not regularly named and celebrated, it isn’t long before people begin to get irritated with one another and relationships and even organisations can break down.

Maybe you are leading a large organisation or maybe even just one person – a staff member or intern or volunteer you are responsible for. 

Name your values to them, name them again & again. Be creative in how you do it. Model your values, celebrate when someone displays one of the things you value, write them on the wall (literally.) Incorporate reminders into your meetings and briefs about events or products.

When you name your values:

1. You are throwing down a challenge, something all good leaders do. I find most people will rise to it. 

2. You are creating culture. Creating culture is not something that happens from outside in, it is inside out transformation. When a value is understood & embraced it will quickly impact behaviour. This is true for both individuals & organisations. 

3. You provide a bench mark to call people back to. If the people you lead don’t know what you are expecting from them, don’t be surprised if they don’t meet your expectations. But If you have agreed upon a set of values you have something to call them back to when words or actions go off course.

It isn’t overly complicated. The first step to think about the great things you value as a leader:

  • Progression
  • Authenticity 
  • Positivity 

Are a few examples. (Follow this link for a comprehensive list) 

The challenge:

Pick (or reflect on) your top values let them shape your words & actions and then begin to clearly communicate them to those around you, again & again. 

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