Book: The Artisan Soul 

Erwin McManus is a leader I greatly admire. He speaks with authenticity, with honesty but at all times with positivity. 
Erwin inspires hope through this book. He dreams of a better future, one shaped by leaders who embrace the creative potential that have been given to us by our creative God. 

At the end of the book In the section “Anvil & Hammer” Erwin gives practical steps to engage with creativity. I found this particularly  helpful. 


“The artisan soul demands of us the hard work of beating out the metal into the form that expresses its greatest beauty. We stand between the anvil and the hammer—positioning ourselves in the very place where God can form us into his work of art.”

The title of this blog “Leaders Create Futures” was inspired through reading this book and listening to Erwin on the Mosaic podcast. It is a phrase he regularly uses. 
Below are some of my favourite quotations from the book. Here is a link to the kindle version if you want to get reading today. 

My encouragement: As a leader If you feel like your creative well has run a bit dry, dip into this it may just awaken your creativity. 

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