Podcast: Seth Godin “Start up school”

I came across this podcast series and couldn’t stop listening. In fact I kept talking about it and ended up getting a few friends to listen, they enjoyed it too so I thought I would share it wider. 

In short Seth held an event for a group of people each starting their business. He presents what he sees, are the need to knows of launching a start up. It’s all recorded live and he often stops to take questions from the floor. He covers lots of topics and moves fast so I suggest you pause and reflect regularly throughout. 
To put it simply the content is genius, he lifts the lid on years of experience launching new projects and businesses. So much what he says is transferable to other areas of leadership and even ministry.

Although his worldview is very different from mine, the principles he shares are priceless.

Here is the link to the podcast series: Seth Godin: Start Up School


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